PH and ORP Electrode for swimming pool, pond, aquarium, lab ...

Discover our range of accurate and stable PH, ORP Electrodes. Our electrodes are the perfect solution to replace your old electrode. Thanks to the BNC plug, they are compatible with any other brand or device that has this connection.

The PH and ORP electrodes are supplied in a sturdy and reusable box for protection during storage. The electrodes are equipped with a protective cap, filled with storage fluid for protection and against dehydration.

The electrodes are compatible with all devices that use a BNC plug: Dennerle, Hayward, Pentair, Seko, Astral, Zodiac, Sugar Valley, JBL, Sera, Avady, Micro dos, Blue lagoon... and many other brands.

PH Electrode

The most sold and most popular electrode from our range, the pH electrode. The pH electrode is actually used for a wide variety of applications. Measuring and dosing of pH for aquariums, swimming pools, ponds, aquaculture, hydroponics, nurseries, laboratories... Thanks to the standard sizes, the electrode is 1 in 1 interchangeable and therefore replaced in just a few moments.

ORP Electrode

Our ORP electrode with platinum probe is a very accurate and stable Redox electrode that is often used in water treatment or for the automatic dosing of chlorine at swimming pools ...

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