PH Soil Tester

PH Soil Tester

PH Soil tester for garden, plants, grass, trees...

A Soil pH tester is a tester that is designed to measure the pH level of soil. Measuring the pH level of soil is very important if you want to make sure your plants are growing in the best possible conditions. The Soil tester is specifically engineered to work with soil and can measure the acidity or the alkalinity. Once you know the pH level, you can adjust the pH level accordingly. Soil pH testers are easy to use and in most cases do not require any batteries. Check out our different models and options.

How does a Soil pH tester work?

A Soil pH meter usually has 1,2 or 3 probes. These probes have a pointy end to allow them to enter the soil without issue. A small electric current will pass through the probe, the pH soil tester will display the pH level of the soil. Always make sure that the soil you are testing is moist and that your pH soil tester is clean and not contaminated with soil from a previous measurement. We will explain you how

Why do you need to measure the pH of your soil?

If you are serious about gardening, it is important to know the pH of your soil. The pH level of soil can vary significantly, it all depends on the composition of the soil and surrounding factors. For example pine needles, farming, acidic rain, rivers,… can all have an impact on the pH level of soil. Each plant, grass, tree has a preferred pH level. A passionate gardener knows that he must measure, test and adjust the pH level to make sure that his plants are getting a chance so thrive. In recent years we are importing and planting plants from all over the world, all these plants require a specific pH level so be sure to test your soil before you start planting.

How to use a soil pH tester?

  1. Select a the spot in your garden where you want to do the test. Dig a small test hole of 10cm diameter and 10cm deep.
  2. Fill the test hole with distilled water. Distilled water is neutral, so it does not influence the pH measuring.
  3. Make sure your pH soil tester is completely clean and insert it in the ground. Place the tester as deep as you would plant the roots.
  4. Let the pH soil tester sit for 60 seconds.
  5. Read the pH level of your soil on the display.

How to adjust the pH level of your soil?

If you need to increase the pH level, you could use a liming material. Limestone is a natural base and will increase the pH level. You can find it in many different forms, powders, granulates… Always ready the instructions of the liming material you are using and make sure you do not overdose.

If you need to decrease the pH level of soil you can find specific products for this in your garden center. Based on sulfur or ammonium nitrate. Always dose gently.

The pH level of your soil will keep on changing and shifting, it is advised to measure your soil 1 time per month or right before you want to start planting.